Do you have a business idea, but you lack the funds to pay for a professional website? No problem. It can be easy to build your own website with your business logo and all of the important information, such as an ‘about us’, a ‘contact page’, an ‘image gallery’. There are some really great options to choose from that are more or less free and will allow you to have a fairly unique looking web page.

All you need to do is visit their ‘website builder’ webpage and follow the prompts. Take note that they are fairly limited, in that you will need to use a template and certain upgrades tend to cost money (they need to make their money somehow) but depending on your needs they might just be the best option for you.¬†Here are three of the best free website builders available on the web today.


Simple drag and drop style website builder with responsive ‘mobile friendly’ template options, blog options and even e-commerce options. Weebly is easy to use and doesn’t require a very comprehensive knowledge of websites. It is an ideal option for someone who needs a simple website that they can control, that doesn’t require any advanced functionality.


Yola is more constricted than Weebly but provides a good range of professional¬†looking templates that can appear quite sophisticated. They also provide responsive template options, as well as booking software and a basic e-commerce option. One thing that is particularly good about Yola is that they offer a free hosting option. Limited of course, and to increase your quota you will need to pay a monthly fee. It’s a good option for a quick startup.


Wix is one of the better known website builders. Wix uses attractive templates with feature rich contents. They put a significant focus on image presentation through the use of sliders and large feature images. They have a very large array of templates which are category specific and will generally cater for just about any business purpose. Like the others Wix will charge for upgrades.

Some important considerations

Doing it yourself can be a good way to get a website for less but there is no such as a FREE quality website, the more you upgrade these websites the more you will end up paying, it could even work out to be significantly more than it would have cost if you had hired a professional website developer.

Before you start a do it yourself website, you will still need to own a domain name and have a good idea of what you are after. If you need something specific or complicated, it is highly unlikely you will be able to find a template to accommodate everything. You should also consider that since you are using a template you will ultimately end up having a website that is very similar to other websites that used the same template.

If you invest a lot of money in a Do It Yourself website and then you need some changes down the track, then you will most likely need to start over. Do it yourself website builders are based on very rigid constructs and are designed to keep your project within their control and programming. Unlike a professionally designed website which is purpose built to allow a high level of customization with unlimited capability and potential.

If you think that Do It Yourself Websites are not for you, then we would be more than happy to build you an a high quality custom affordable website. Just contact us at

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