Blogs are slowly becoming more and more commonplace in businesses on the web. They provide an affordable easy means to generate new content on their web page and provide information to their customers.

Blog Posts

Each new blog post acts as a stand-alone website page for Search Engines to pick up and list under their searches. For instance, let’s just say you have a website that sells lawnmowers and when people search for lawnmowers your website comes up. However, you have just expanded into leaf blowers, so you write a blog post about leaf blowers and now you have the chance of your website page coming up under a search for leaf blowers.

Key Words

Of course in order to ensure that you get the best result, you will also want to ensure that you use the right keywords. In case you are unsure what a keyword is, let me explain it for you.

A keyword is just a word that appears frequently in an article which allows search engines to figure out what the article is about. This keyword should be relevant to what the actual article is actually about, otherwise search engines might detect some irregularities and not list your article. You will want to list your keyword at around the 5-10% mark, meaning for every 20 or so words you should use your keyword at least once. But don’t overuse your keyword either because this can have a negative impact also. Sounds a bit complicated right? Just aim for 5-10% and you will do well.


When making blog headings try to include your keyword if possible. The most effective blog headings are concise and somewhat descriptive of the content contained within. Headings which offer the user short concise descriptions are really effective, for example.

“10 amazing lawnmower secrets”

Then use some subtitles with your keywords included in them.

  1. Your lawnmower can communicate with aliens.
  2. Your lawnmower sometimes watches you sleeping.
  3. If you turn your lawnmower upside down it will fly away.
  4. Etc…

A blog can be a fun and easy way to give your business a competitive edge in today’s online market. If you have a blog and your competition doesn’t, guess who is most likely to show up under searches for your niche? That’s right, you with the blog.

If you would like to get a blog integrated into your website or start a new one, then Way of the Web can certainly help.



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