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In April of 2015 Google announced that websites which are mobile friendly will start ranking higher than websites which are not mobile friendly.

This was bad news for many businesses who had until recently enjoyed prime positions for their keywords with their stale and outdated websites which only offered one full-screen view port. However, this also presented great new opportunities for newer businesses with better websites who had been sitting in second place despite their fantastic products and website.

In simple terms, this development by Google has really shaken up the web and made things suddenly a lot fairer for businesses and organizations to compete based on the quality of experience provided to the user. For many this was called “mobilegeddon” or the “mobile revolution”, but for the optimists it was a very positive development and a preview of great things to come.

Google has recognized that more people are now using their smart phones to browse the web than are using their home computers. Smart phones have in recent years gone from being an expensive luxury to a basic necessity that almost anyone can afford, and requires in order to function optimally in our fast paced information focused society.

Those businesses that are willing to invest in the future of the web and all it promises will flourish. Those who refuse to cater for the next generation of consumers and their browsing habits will no doubt perish. In order for a new website and brand to get launched in the modern web environment it is absolutely essential that their web page be mobile friendly, nothing less will do.

At Way of the Web, we foresaw mobilegeddon, so we prepared our clients as best as we could by building them highly functioning mobile friendly websites to give them a fantastic edge on many of their competitors who had not risen to the occasion. We also ensure that every web page that we produce meets the expectations and requirements of the modern web because we want your business to do well in search engines.

If you would like to know more about mobile friendly websites, then make sure you contact us for a chat.

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