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According to recent market research data in many Western countries there are now more people using phones to view internet sites than the traditional Desktop. According to a Pew report published in 2014, 98% of American adults now own a cell phone. The majority of those phones are also smart phones with constant access to the internet, social networking and email.

People between the ages of 18 to 50 years old are most likely to have access to a browsing device other than a desktop, such as a tablet or Smart Phone. Considering that these age groups are also most likely to be earning and spending the most money, this is very valuable information for Western businesses because it reflects a new growing technological trend and prompts a call to action.

Business owners who can best facilitate this new market trend through the use of responsive website design will be best prepared to accommodate their new potential customers. Just in case you are not familiar with the term “Responsive Website Design”, let me provide you with a quick introduction.

Responsive Website Design Explained

By now you surely would have come across many different websites on your handheld device, you may have noticed that some of those websites looked much better on mobile than others. You may have noticed  that those same websites look quite different again when you look at them on another device like a tablet or a desktop.

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This is because the website designer has created a different set of styling instructions which allow the browser to detect the device which is viewing the page and display the appropriate version. For example, if you were viewing the web page with an iphone it is likely that you will see a condensed version of the sight with a focus on only the most important information. However if you were viewing the same web page on a desktop, then there is obviously a lot more space. The website owner can afford to display a lot more non-essential content, such as visual media and advertisements.

Is Responsive Website Design Expensive?

Even though it might sound expensive, having several different versions of your website made. Thanks to fantastic responsive open source frameworks such as Bootstrap, it has become very affordable for website designers to make websites responsive.

At Way of the Web we offer the responsive design option at no additional charge. We do this because we take great pride in our work, and we want to make websites that will give our customers the biggest advantage in their online markets.


We see the big picture with website design. Good business for you, means good business for us. We endeavor to foster productive long-term relationships with our clients, and assist them in getting the most out of their websites. This is why you are better off coming to an agency like Way of the Web, as opposed to a freelancer who will take your money and never look back. Our quality assurance is second to none and we don’t guarantee anything we can’t deliver.

Whatever your budget, we will make it work and we will make it responsive. Email us now for a free quote

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