social media


We recommend to all of our clients that they integrate social media with their websites. We will happily set it up for you, however in order to make it work for your business in the long run you will need to develop a functional knowledge of the basics.

The most important two social media networks that every business should be a part of are:


A social networking tool which uses existing friendships and associations to create a relatively closed network to communicate with people that you want to keep in contact with. It also allows users to ‘like’ the businesses they are interested in and receive regular news and updates. Great marketing tool for businesses and a useful social tool for individuals.


Another social networking tool which is a favorite for celebrities. Twitter also allows individuals and businesses to establish online networks and market directly to your followers through the use of updates. However unlike Facebook the length of the updates are limited, which means that users need to focus on making short concise posts, often with links to more content included.

Other social networks worth considering include:


A fantastic tool for any business that uses a blog or takes lots of photos. Pinterest is more focused on using pictures to appeal to it’s audience. The pictures will most often be linked to a blog post, or in some cases they will just feature a description or explanation of the picture.


Instagram is solely focused on images. It is absolutely necessary for any businesses which feature image heavy content, such as photographers, artists or graphic designers.

Linked In

An absolute must-have for any working professionals. Linked In provides a fantastic avenue for you to network your business and gain exposure for your professional image. Linked in is also a favorite hunting ground for corporate recruiters and can provide all sorts of career and business advancement opportunities.

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