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The world is always changing. Society is constantly evolving and so is the technology that makes our lives better. Those who are able to stay at the forefront of this evolution will reap the rewards that come with a greater understanding of the world about them. Adaptable businesses will survive but those who refuse to change will perish. This has always been the way.

The internet is such an ingrained part of our day to day lives it is difficult to picture a world without it. A world where the median for a message was usually either a paper parcel or word of mouth. Now we can share our thoughts as easily and carelessly as one would go about any seemingly inconsequential task, such as brushing ones teeth or fetching a snack. In some ways we are now more connected than ever before, in other ways we become so isolated.

The pleasures and challenges of the physical life are steadily giving way to the metaphysical. Websites replace books, stores and billboards; video games replace just about every conceivable entertaining activity; social media replaces real interactions with real people. All these things are supposed to make our lives better, easier. But do they really?

For all the modern conveniences offered to us by technology, are people really any happier? Or are we instead becoming spoiled, sheltered and increasingly alienated from reality. Personally, I would say it is a bit of column A and a bit of column B. Technology gives with one and it takes with the other. As we become more dependent on technology and innovation to live our lives, we lose many of the basic survival skills that would allow us to get by without it.

Websites of the future

Australia has had the internet since 1986, it’s almost hard to believe that the internet has been around for almost 30 years, and during that time it has changed immensely. Originally the internet was just reserved for universities and government institutions, now you would be hard pressed to find a household in Australia that does not have some form of internet access. Most modern households don’t have one, but several devices for accessing the internet.

People can now carry the internet with them everywhere they go. They are no longer limited to sitting down on a desktop and browsing through a very limited range of websites and online tools. Now, every man, woman and child is an internet publisher, contributing to the growing infinite data source that is the World Wide Web.

At Way of the Web we are harnessing the latest programming languages and frameworks in order to continue to ride the technological wave that is the internet. We take pride in utilizing the best technologies available to present our clients with websites they can be enthralled with and shock their customers with their cutting edge website and marketing.

According to the current technological trend, websites of the future are going to be more and more intuitive and interactive, meaning that websites are becoming more about creating an impressionable experience, rather than just a raw data source. Animation is going to become increasingly common as static pages become less common and less effective over time. Social media is going to become more and more integrated in websites, playing a significant role in Search Engine rankings and the advertising success of a business.

Way of the Web is prepared for the future of the internet and together we will keep your business ahead of the competition and focused on the future.

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