Every day we perform thousands upon thousands of micro steps. These are small actions that we take in the process of performing larger tasks. For instance, when you drive to work, you don’t just drive to work, you actually have to open your front door. Step outside. Remove the keys from your pocket. Select the right key. Walk to your car. Insert your key into the door. Turn the key. Open the door… etc.

In order to convey the information in an effective manner both to ourselves and others, we summarize these actions to make transmission and storage of relevant information efficient. In doing so, we will bundle all these micro actions into one big action, in turn we accept the necessity of these micro actions in achieving the greater action. Then we will bundle these greater actions into even greater actions and so on and so forth.

The essence of innovation is breaking down these micro actions and removing as many as possible yet still achieving the same result.

For instance, now there are cars that you can get into and start without having to even touch your keys. They sense the proximity of the keys and use that information to determine when someone needs to access and start the vehicle. In one fell swoop this innovation has removed many of the micro actions mentioned earlier. This is an example of intuitive technology and will largely determine the future of mankind.

Behind intuitive technology there is intuitive code. A programmer needed to dream up a way to make life easier, to allow us to make better use of our time and in doing so improve productivity and general wellbeing. When the inventor of keyless entry first developed that concept, he or she may not have been thinking of their innovation on such a grand scale but nonetheless, all of these little changes make a big difference to the way we live.

Life is getting better, things are getting easier, because intuitive technology is slowly eliminating the menial tasks that used to plague our day-to-day lives. Can you remember the last time you had to wait in line at the bank to withdraw some small amount of money? What about the last time you needed to wait until you knew someone was home to call them up? Everything is now flowing much better than it ever has before, and it will continue to do so provided there are people looking to the future and thinking about ways to make everyone lives more efficient.

On a large-scale things are certainly becoming more efficient, however there are still many businesses and individuals who refuse to embrace the changes that will make things easier for themselves or their businesses. Some are not interested, others are interested but they don’t know how to take the first step. At Way of the Web, we can use intuitive coding to make your business processes more efficient, less expensive and more enjoyable. It’s actually our speciality.

Or if you have an idea for a public application that can offer people a better way to do things, or give more people access to something that they like. Then we can help you with that as well. If you contact us, we can have a discussion about the best course of action to make your idea work and things can start getting easier and more profitable straight away.

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