Before I decided to start a career in website design and development, I remember seeing the internet as an incredibly complex platform; difficult to navigate, impossible to understand and full of hidden perils.

Most people don’t know much about the internet, even though they use it everyday for information, socializing, directions, shopping, dating etc. With all it’s modern uses, it’s amazing that we were ever able to get along without it. It has essentially become the biggest tool of social change in the 21st century. But where did it come from?

To give you a very short and simplistic history. It was first used by the military for secure coded communications, it was then adopted by Universities for a similar purpose, and from there it spread to government, to big business and eventually to small businesses and households. All it really is, is a network of computers all connected via a great telecommunications/information infrastructure which all countries now have.

Websites are stored on big computers known as servers and when someone wants to view a website, they simply download a copy of that website onto their computer and view it as if it is right in front of them. As they view it, the computer communicates with the server and relays information for you and you can receive updates almost instantaneously. This relaying process uses up energy and network space which is why you need to pay for data.

For modern businesses, websites allow them an avenue through which they can promote themselves to their clients. Better, modern businesses usually have more money, so they can afford to promote themselves better through the web. So when people want to find something, they often prefer to use the web rather than conventional methods because it gives them the opportunity to compare the best businesses in an interactive and informative manner.

A lot businesses which have been very successful in the past are now beginning to suffer because they are unwilling to acknowledge this new consumer trend. Old methods of finding businesses such as the Yellow Pages are being less and less used with each passing year. Many of the people who grew up with these directories are either changing with the times, retiring, or passing away and the next generation of consumers have no need for old conventional methods. Everything they need is only a click away.

That is why as a professional Website Developer my role is often to help small businesses facilitate this change. The beauty of hiring a website developer to take care of your digital promotion, is that you don’t need to fully understand websites; you only need to understand the benefits. Of which there are many.

Kieran Black

Way of the Web