One thing that I always take care to organize for my Website Design customers who choose to have their hosting through me, is to always ensure that they have enough email addresses set up for them to allow them to run their business efficiently.

Having an email address that represents your business “For example. info@wayoftheweb.com.au” can help you to present a more professional image and give your customers the impression that your business has the right infrastructure to do big business. If you have had your Website Designed through ‘Way of the Web’ then you have no doubt invested in the future of your business and you would like to see it grow. So I am going to proceed under the impression that I have already set up a dedicated email address for your business.

To start with, open a new browser window, (CTRL+N) will work for windows as a shortcut. For Apple Mac’s, click on “File” in your browser and then select “New Tab”. Once you have a new browser window open, type in your domain name, followed by a forward slash, followed by “webmail”.

For example.

Website Design URL

Click enter and you should see a screen like this.


In your Email address section, please enter your dedicated email. For example. “info@wayoftheweb.com.au” and then enter your chosen password (please note: this will usually be a password that you yourself have selected, if not then you should have received this information from Way of the Web by now, if not please contact me at info@wotw.com.au). Once you have entered in your log in credentials, click “Log in” and you will be redirected to this screen.

Webmail options

You have been presented with three email clients, Horde, Roundcube, Squirrel Mail. Each of these options work well, however personally I prefer round cube. Once you click one of these options you will be able to read, delete and send emails. However, if you would instead like to set up your email with Microsoft Outlook or MACos mail.app, then click on Configure Mail client and select your version of Outlook or Mail.app for an automatic configuration option. If you would like to set up an auto response for your customers, so that whenever they send you an email they get an automatic response such as “Thank you for your feedback”, click on “Auto Responders” and add an auto responder. You can also change your email password here, if you would like something more secure. However be aware that if you have your email set up on Microsoft Outlook or another email client, you will need to change your password there also.

For more information on setting up your email, or if you would like us to do this for you, please contact info@wayoftheweb.com.au


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